“I’m not sure how girls are here but some boys seemed to act as if they own the school. It’s quite annoying, especially when someone looks different to them.”

Of course, he was referring to himself as he pointed to his hair. As if one noticed, it was a silverish color, which he tried to prove for a really long time, or as long as he started high school, that it was his natural hair color. 

“People thought I was part of some gang or something because of this. All because of silly rumors.”

He let out a small chuckle, as he shook his head, hearing how silly it all sounded. Souji wasn’t even sure why he was being so talkative. He was usually more to himself even when he was around friends. Either way, he really didn’t mind at all.

”.. You’re serious?!” Looking at Souji, he must have had it a little rough - his hair was a strange color, but it reminded her of her mother’s, it also reminded her quite a bit of one of her aunt’s former guards, who Ange swore must have been around Souji’s age when he had departed the company. To her, it wasn’t too odd… It was a nice color, actually.

"….Yeah, it’s all the same here - if you’re different, you get tormented… Usually there’s one target that has it the worst, though…."

Ange’s cheeks gave off a rose color as she recalled what she had been through in the last few months - endless harassment outside and in class over her looks, her family name… The hair ornaments that held crimson locks up in twintails… and even recieved little regard from even the teachers. “…No one should have to go through that…”


He didn’t understand why she looked away, but he didn’t pry into that. Souji simply listened to what she had to say, nodding when appropriate. Hearing that he wasn’t such a bother to her, he inwardly sigh in relief. Maybe this trip wasn’t so bad after all. 

“So there are people like that in your school too?”

He didn’t go much in to detail, but his hair color stood out so he wasn’t teased but more avoided. The idea of being along didn’t phase him, but it was tiresome hearing some rumor about him. Taking her hand, he shook it while smiling, though it was a small one. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Ange.” 

It took him a moment to realize, after hearing her name, that it was that family that is supposed to be cursed or something like that. He didn’t care since it had nothing to do with him, but meeting someone with that name was a surprise but he still didn’t believe it.

Giving his hand a small shake, Ange’s hand was pulled back shortly after. This boy certainly didn’t annoy her, but little more than just confuse her a bit. With his reaction, her attention managed to be caught a little more, turning back to Souji. 


"… There’s tons of them… I thought the girls here were pretty terrible, but I never thought about how boys would be…" Except, she wasn’t very knowledgeable in how boys acted at all, since she didn’t interact with them on a daily basis - actually, she had been pretty lucky after that, that she hadn’t been left shy or petrified from simply talking to them, especially now she was conversing with Souji. It wasn’t the way she worked, though. 

But, that didn’t matter. What did matter, was that he had understood where she was coming from, and that was interesting!  ”…Pleasure to meet you too. Not necessarily a meeting I’d expected, but…’

While she wasn’t very talkative herself, having a kind voice to listen to every once and a while wasn’t too bad. Not something she’d admit out loud, though.  


It did surprise him a little to hear so, but he could guess there was more to it but he couldn’t ask. They just barely met. Instead, he simply nodded.

“Is that so? I’m sorry to bother than…” 

He paused for a moment, realizing that he still didn’t know what was her name. Souji felt like an idiot for not asking earlier but might as well ask now than later. Relaxing himself on to the tree, he couldn’t help but look up as he asked,

“I’m Souji Seta and you are?  

Folding her arms, Ange simply shrugged her shoulders, looking away from Souji. “…. Don’t worry about it. A lot of the students around here are stereotypical and stuck up, I really can’t stand them… So… it’ll be alright. You haven’t been obnoxious.” 

She wasn’t going to advertise the fact that the others teased her. It was embarrassing, but it seemed like Souji couldn’t quite tell.  Turning her gaze back to the male, she held out her hand - introductions, huh. Bound by the rumor-cursed Ushiromiya estate… Her name even often even turned others away.

 ”… I’m … Ange Ushiromiya.”


Turning his attention to the girl that he was sitting by, he wondered what made her distrust him, or was she like this in general? He couldn’t tell, then again, this was his first meeting with her. She was something else, but he didn’t have much experience with girls, so he couldn’t tell much.

“All right. I promise I won’t say anything.”

Then again, what could he say? He wasn’t sure if he was ever going to see her again, though he wanted to. Turning his attention back to the school, he paused for a moment before asking,

“Why are you here alone, if you don’t mind me asking?” 

"…. Very well then."

Ange sighed, relaxing her back against the wall behind her. Words weren’t much to go buy, but as long as that was clear. Her frown diminished a bit, leaving behind a look of indifference. Still not quite used to Souji’s company, she figured it would be tolerable. Perhaps a little too polite, but that was probably due to having just met.

His next question though, caused the redhead to purse her lips. Slowly, her hands slide the book to the opposite side of her which Souji sat. Why did she sit alone…? It had been hammered into her head a long time ago that it was her own fault. Some of it was, but most of it was due to her misfortune as well. ”….I just prefer to be alone. That’s all.” 


He didn’t show it but that was a surprise to him. Souji was more expecting of a response that would have driven him away, and he would respected her wishes, if that were the case. So instead, he took a seat next to her but giving her space so she didn’t feel to uncomfortable. Taking in the moment, being under the tree, he did like the peace and quiet one got from being here.

“Hm? Yes I am. I’m just came out here because I didn’t feel like interacting with everyone else.” 

If she knew him, he seemed to be very popular though he wasn’t one for attention. He kept more to himself, only having a few close friends. Souji didn’t say nothing else as he closed his eyes for the moment and liked how cool it was under here. It wasn’t hot but it felt nice.

“I can see why you like this spot, miss.” 

"… I see…"

Eyes shifted towards Souji when he responded. Not wanting to interact with anyone else? Ange hadn’t really expect a response like that from him. Then again, with all of the chattering her classmates were doing, she wouldn’t be surprised if they and their questions had gotten rather irritating… then again, that might be something she just have thought from knowing the girls a bit more personally than their visitors.

 ”Mmhm. No one else really turns up here lately.” That may be partially her fault, but she wasn’t complaining. Until then, she had managed to keep her displeasure from showing on her face, but as she made her next comment, she frowned a bit.  ”…So don’t go telling everyone about it…” 

mariamikuoforigins-deactivated2 asked: "Is there such a think in our lives though UuU~" She sighed a bit and shook her head.

"…Not really…"

Ange shrugs her shoulders, frown prominent.


Since he was standing and his gaze was looking downward to look at Ange, as he did notice her nod, Souji felt that it was going to take more than a few words for her to chat. Giving himself a moment to think, he quickly observed her and saw a book, or that’s what he guessed, but went against asking simply of how protective she seemed to hold it.

“Do you mind if I sit with you, miss?” 

He was a bit too proper, but in this case, he wasn’t sure if she was older than him or not, but either way, he knew that he shouldn’t be rude. As he waited for her answer, he thought what else he could do or say, mattering what exactly she would say or do. 

He was still interested in interacting with her? Ange was at a bit of a loss. She had no reason to send Souji away, no reason to be unreasonably rude towards him when he seemed to be polite. The Ushiromiya tended to have an attitude, but as uninterested as she was to interact with others - she was even less interested in making enemies. 

There wasn’t much response the girl for a moment as she looked Souji over. She didn’t know much about the other school or it’s students, hell, she didn’t even know how similar the uniforms had been. Taking in a deep breath, the air was exhaled quietly through her nostrils before she spoke up. “… Yeah… That’s fine…” Hopefully, Souji wasn’t wanting an exciting response from Ange. Blue eyes glanced down from the male and down to her hands for a moment as she attempted to react to the situation. 

"…You’re from that other school, right? … Did your class forget you or something?"

mariamikuoforigins-deactivated2 asked: "How have you Been Ange-chan"

"… I’ve been alright, I suppose. There’s little to complain about these days, if you want the optimistic story."